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The 11th Hour Band – Live at Smoken Joe’s BBQ, Brighton MA

by GFats on May 2, 2011

The 11th Hour Band
Smoken Joe’s BBQ, Brighton, MA
Live – 4/28/11

Review by A.J. Wachtel

Walking into Smoken Joe’s is like walking into another world. Dimly lit, people eating, drinking, and listening to a very tight r & b band blowing the roof off the club. Tonight would be more appropriate colored in just black and white because it seems like it comes from another era.. This band was huge 20 years ago, but hasnt played together in years, arent promoting a new CD and one member, T.Blade (really ex-manager of The Cars Steve Berkowitz) has to come up for the gig from a couple of hundred miles away. Highlights include an up-tempo “Key To The Highway”, rumbling renditions of “Who Do You Love”, “Messin’ With The Kid” and driving versions of “Oh Carol” and “Little Queenie”. Howlin’ Wolf and some of the other founding fathers are also covered. Hearing T.Blade turn to Rosy, Chuck, Paul, Coach and Larry and implore; “***Tempo, guys***” mid-song only adds to the enjoyment.

This review also appearing in The Noise

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