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WAVES OF FURY – Thirst – Review by Jay Scheffler

by GFats on November 3, 2012

Alive NaturalSound Records
Review by Jay Scheffler

Released on the highly revered Alive Records, Thirst by Waves Of Fury is a garage rock tour de force. The absolutely perfect production starkly contrasts the recklessness of the performances. It’s like a pristine recording of a gang fight. The guitars and horns flail away behind the tortured, mostly incoherent vocals of Carter Sharp in a pure rock and roll assault. Not in a heavy metal kind of way, but in a modern-retro kind of way. There’s not a riff or beat that would have seemed out of place in 1965, yet the whole thing is thoroughly modern. Carter Sharp has one of those voices that sounds instantly familiar yet you can’t quite place it; somewhere between Johnny Thunders and Tommy James yet way more out of control. They’re from London, yet these guys have more of a New York bent to their sound. I hear Velvet Underground, Television, and the NY Dolls in their attack. Yet unlike earlier retro garagers The Strokes, there is no careerism in their sound. Waves of Fury just want to rock and roll and don’t seem concerned about anything else.
By the time the tender slow-dance of “Pretender Soul” comes up about ¾ of the way through the album, it’s too late. You’ve already been beaten to a pulp.
I dunno, whatever…just thought you liked rock and roll…..

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