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The ThrowDown Band – by Jay Scheffler

by GFats on May 31, 2011
A Tenfoot Polecat’s endorsement of  The ThrowDown Band
By Jay Scheffler of the Ten Foot Polecats

If I have a night off and Throwdown’s playing nearby……. I’m there! I dig this band. Some might bemoan a lack of subtlety, but maybe you should shop for subtlety somewhere else; this is The THROWDOWN!

First thing yer gonna notice is Stan C on guitar. Listening to Stan, I can’t help but think of Steve Vai’s character in the movie “Crossroads”. Right after the devil tells Ralph Macchio, “Oh you gon’ like Jack Butler.” That’s where Stan comes in. He’s definitely PLAYING THE BLUES, but with an 80’s hard rock/metal influence that he’s not trying to hide. Dude’s playing a Charvel with a Floyd Rose tremolo for fuck sake! However much he shreds though, Stan’s tone remains warm and bluesy.
Singer Eric Savoie is what sets this band apart. Big, musical sound from the top to bottom of his range. Dude’s gotta be about 6’5” and sounds like it. Here’s where the subtlety comes in though; he NEVER over sings! His phrasing is always melodic and understated; never screamy, warbly, or out of control.
Anyone who’s heard/seen Skip Fischer play the drums knows that he’s an artist on the kit. Hard hitting, funky, yet loose and relaxed. Between Skip and bassist John Peresada, this band’s got the deepest pocket in town; maintaining an infinitely danceable backbeat and rock solid support for the 2 monsters out front.  If yer super-serious and discriminating about your blues, wear a disguise and go see these guys anyway (I won’t tell anyone). Yer gonna like ‘em even though you know yer not supposed to!




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  1. Bruce Vidito permalink

    I agree with Jay, these guys are IN YOUR FACE, HIGH OCTANE, KICKASS ROCKIN’ BLUES ! Anyone who has seen these guys knows what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen them, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Check them out…you’ll be glad you did !

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