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by GFats on October 17, 2013



Warmfuzz Records


billblue1By A.J. Wachtel



This is the first studio release in 30 years for blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Bill Blue. He learned his chops playing for many years with Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup who wrote the classic “That’s All Right, Mama” most famously done by Elvis. What I dig most about this CD is the raw energy of the guitars and the red hot brass courtesy of the Funk In The Middle Horns. The exceptional guitar work is done by Bill and his backing team of Michael McAdams; who was Reba McEntire’s guitarist and Larry Baeder; who was James Montgomery’s gun-slinger for years. This is a guitar album basically, done in an uptempo r&b style, with horn and organ arrangements that make this project more Memphis than Chicago or Detroit.  Tunes like “Sing Like Thunder”, the traditional “Poor Boy Blues”, the opener “It’s Gotta Change”, “Guitar Whore”  and “Who Let That Stranger In?” really knock me out. Great guitar work and I think the slide on the closer “On The Road For Big Boy” is killer too. The recording is fantastic with the guitars sounding clean and loud  -just the way I like it. And Bill’s growling vocals are perfectly suited for his style; they sound like he eats nails. When the words come out  it sounds like he’s remembering with his heart and that he knows what he’s talking about. Authentic and rock solid. This almost 70 year old hard-working artist  is REAL good.


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