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The ThrowDown Band, on the long road to Memphis – By Lady K

by GFats on December 2, 2013

The ThrowDown Band, on the long road to Memphis.


By Lady K

Listen up blues lovers, on November 10th, Boston’s ‘bad boys of the blues’ (otherwise known as The ThrowDown Band), won the Boston Blues Challenge. In January, they will be heading to Memphis to represent Boston, competing in the week-long International Blues Challenge.

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of having ThrowDown rip out your guts at one of their totally kick-ass electric-guitar blues shows, get out and see/hear them!!! The ThrowDown Band is made up of four hugely talented guys: Eric Savoie (lead vocals), Stan C (multiple lead guitars), John Peresada (bass), and Skip Fischer (drums).

Since ThrowDown Band was born just a few years ago, various big and little venues and festivals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine have hosted countless shows, and the guys have been blowing the minds of fans in the 3 states. It’s time to let them forage in Memphis, rub shoulders with blues-aficionados and compete against some 200+ blues-bands from around the world.

Unfortunately, competing at the Challenge isn’t cheap. Expenses include transportation for the band and their gear, lodging for a week, food (for that same week), and copious numbers of Crown Royale cold shots (yep, that’s the secret to keeping Eric in such fine voice). Since we’ll all get bragging rights when the guys kick-ass in Memphis, it’s only fair that we help out as much we can with the expenses. ThrowDown has made it easy for us to give whatever little bit we can by starting a Kickstarter website. Please click the link below and check out what they’ve set up. There are various rewards for different levels of contribution.
Just sayin’ . . .

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